Articulations: a 100% natural dietary supplement for healthy joints

Articulations: a 100% natural dietary supplement for healthy joints

Sports, changes in the weather, prolonged physical effort – they all have an impact on your joints. As we become more active or more sensitive to external factors, we sense a difference in the way our joints react. You can start suffering from discomfort or, in some cases, from joint pains.

In order to soothe these symptoms and ensure the proper functioning of your joints, Trăiește BIO suggests you try a revolutionary 100% natural dietary supplement specially formulated for healthy joints.

Articulations is the result of a unique and patented extraction technique –  Blue Extraction®, an innovative method that allows for the extraction of active substances and uses the totality of the plant’s active principles.

Blue Extraction® uses the latest innovations in the extraction of precious active substances from roots, leaves and blossoms. Using the purest water as solvent and under very precise temperature and pressure conditions, this method extracts active molecules from the vegetal ingredient without damaging them.

Using the plant’s totum, these precious molecules actively contribute to your body’s health and wellbeing.

Our dietary supplement for a healthy joints features a unique formula based on 4 plants, each chosen for its beneficial effects on your body.

  • Meadowsweet – soothes joint pains.
  • Willow tree bark – anti-inflammatory and pain soothing effects.
  • Horsetail – improves the health of the skeletal system, diuretic.
  • Black gooseberry – protects the body against oxidative stress.



Aerial parts Meadowsweet/ Filipendula ulmaria – 2.450 mg, willow tree bark/ Salix alba – 2.450mg, aerial parts Horsetail/Equisetum arevense – 2.450 mg, black gooseberry leaves/ Ribes nigrum – 2.450mg – 98%, concentrated black gooseberry juice/Ribes nigru – 2%.

The product does not contain added sugar, sweetener of artificial colorants. The presence of light deposits is due to the ECO/BIO plant extracts and is a natural phenomenon that does not impact the product’s quality of efficiency.


1 vial/day diluted in a large glass of water.

The vial must be shaken well before use.


Not recommended for pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding or patients who are allergic to salicylates.

Seek the advice of a specialist before following the Digestion treatment.

Do not exceed the recommended dose for daily consumption.

Do not leave within reach and sight of children.

A dietary supplement must not replace a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle.

SNPMAPS notification no. 11119/2017.

Eco-certified distributor SRAC Cert SRL RO-ECO-026.


Keep away from light, heat, humidity and below temperatures of 25oC.

Dietaroma Laboratories work with a small farmers’ association that grows medicinal plants (Phytolia) on the banks of the Loire river. This is how they guarantee the optimal quality of the ingredients used. These producers work on small parcels of land and respect the region’s biotopes. The plants are of the best quality and full of active ingredients.

Dietaroma is an innovative and exclusive brand that offers nutritional supplements and pure essential oils. With a well-defined know-how and a unique capacity for innovation, Dietaroma is a brand built around bio-nutritional actives such as essential oils, lactic ferments and phytotherapeutical agents. Based solely on nature’s exceptional properties, Dietaroma has been delivering quality and efficiency since 1927, the year the company was founded.

The content provided is solely for informational purposes and not intended to replace the expert advice of your physician or any medical professional. Product information is not meant to identify or cure any ailment. Recommendations do not replace a medical consult and are not a diagnosis or specialized treatment. Alongside nutritional supplements, we recommend a healthy lifestyle based on sport, hydration and proper nutrition.


Eugen is 50 years old. He’s been passionate about sports and a healthy lifestyle his entire life so he never would have imagined that he would fall victim to shoulder, knee or joint pains. And yet this happened to him.

At first he thought it would be a passing thing – the pain was bearable. However, it became worse as time passed and he was completely shocked when the doctor diagnosed him with incipient arthritis. He was prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs, but they only worked initially. Eugen suffered from the side-effects and ended up with gastritis.

It was then that a colleague from his gym offered Eugen a vial of Articulations – just to test it out and see if it worked. After administering the vial, Eugen asked for another one just to make sure the effects were not a fortunate accident. After the two vials, his joint pains were almost 100% gone.

Eugen purchased a full pack of 20 vials and after the treatment, the results were amazing! He rediscovered self-confidence and physical activities became a joy once more!


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